About Solo Casinos

Sold debit cards are very popular in many countries of Europe. Ever since this particular debit card was launched in the year 1997 by Maestro it has grown in popularity and today it is considered to be one of the most important modes of online payments for various purchases of goods and services. There is no denying the fact online payment for casino accounts is indeed a very big chunk of such payments. Players and even casino houses are always on the lookout for payment gateways and methods that could be considered to be safe, efficient and economical. In all the above criterions, there is no doubt that Solo Debit Cards have indeed made a place for themselves. It would be pertinent to point out here that there are almost 5.3 million Sold Debit Card customers. Hence it is not very surprising that many online casino owners have turned themselves into solo casinos. By doing so, they allow players to make payments to their respective casino accounts. The players are also benefited because they get another payment mode that is trusted and efficient. Hence the demand for solo casinos is always on the growth path ever since it was launched, especially amongst online casino players

The verification and identification process as far as the Solo Debit Cards are concerned is done electronically and there is almost zero risk of data pilferage or passage of customer information to the wrong hands. However, when a player is using this card at solo casinos, he or she has to prove that their age is above 18 because that is the minimum age in many countries for playing online casino games. There are quite a few checks and balance both at the casino end and also at the Debit Card service providers' end.

Getting through a transaction in solo casinos using this Solo Debit card is quite easy, in spite of the required checks and balances. Once a card holder makes a payment electronically his account gets debited and the payment is remitted to the casino where he is playing. This payment gets reflected in the customers' bank account after couple of days.