Online Live Dealers

Along with the slots , live dealer blackjack is one of the coolest innovations to come to online casinos in a long time. Online casinos with a live blackjack dealer combine the best of live and online blackjack.

How Exactly Does Blackjack With a Live Dealer Work?

The main difference between online blackjack with a live blackjack dealer and any other online blackjack game is that with a live dealer there will be a video feed that shows a real dealer at a blackjack table. Cards are typically scanned at the table and digital versions of those cards pop up on the screen; players simply click buttons to make their decisions. Upon receiving the instructions, the online blackjack live dealer plays the hands accordingly. Winnings will show up right in the player's online casino account.

Is Playing Blackjack With a Live Dealer a Good Idea?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to playing live dealer blackjack. When playing just for fun, a live dealer adds a new, social dimension to the game. Players can interact with the dealer and the game proceeds at a more leisurely pace, as well. Also, live dealer blackjack gives players an extra level of comfort by actually showing them the physical cards being dealt. However, blackjack with a live dealer is rarely the best deal in any online casino. It requires a lot more overhead since the casino has to pay the dealer and maintain the video feed and other equipment, so there will probably be slightly worse odds when playing.

This is not to say these games are sucker bets; the differences are small; they are often just a tenth or two of a percent of extra house edge. It is just that these games do not present the very best odds at every opportunity. Also, live dealer games are likely to have a higher minimum bet than conventional online blackjack games, making them less than ideal for players on a budget.